Alex Skolnick, Ph.D.
(University of Georgia)

Assistant Professor

219 Post Hall
Phone: (610) 660-1879


Dr. Alex Skolnick is an Emotion and Health Psychologist who approaches these areas with a biopsychologist mindset. His specific interests in emotion include examining several aspects of the emotion disgust, including gender differences, social context affects, physiology, and the relation between our disgust and our creatureliness. His research interests in the behavioral and psychosocial aspects of health focus mainly on stress and coping, and the relationship between positive affect and health. Dr. Skolnick uses psychophysiological methods in his research, including facial EMG, ECG, GSR, and impedance cardiography.

Dr. Skolnick has a broad background that includes years studying animal behavior, primatology, and biopsychology. This breadth comes from a B.S. (Biological Anthropology) from the University of Michigan, a Masters in Psychology from Hunter College-CUNY, a Ph.D. in Biopsychology from the University of Georgia, and a postdoctoral fellowship with Dr. Richard Davidson at the University of Wisconsin. Along the way he worked at the American Museum of Natural History, in zoos, at Primate Centers, and with free-ranging primate populations.

Dr. Skolnick lectured for several years at The College of New Jersey and joined the faculty of Saint Joseph's University in 2007.

Select Publications:

Skolnick, A.J., & Davidson, R.J. (2002). Affective modulation of eyeblink startle with reward and threat. Psychophysiology, 39, 835-850.

Skolnick, A.J., & Dzokoto, V.A. (2013). Disgust and contamination: A cross-national comparison of Ghana and the United States. Frontiers of Psychology, 4 (91), 1-11.

Skolnick, A.J., Bascom, K.L., & Wilson, D.T. (2013, in press). Gender role expectations of disgust: Men are low and women are high. Sex Roles.

Skolnick, A.J. (2013). Gender differences when touching something gross: Unpleasant? No. Disgusting? Yes! The Journal of General Psychology, 140, 144-157.

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