Josephine Shih, Ph.D.
(University of California, Los Angeles)

Professor of Psychology

225 Post Hall
Phone: (610) 660-3287


Dr. Shih is a clinical psychologist with research interests in the area of mood disorders. She is interested in better understanding risk factors of depression; how they interact with each other and the mechanisms through which they exert their influence on depression. It is a well-replicated statistic that females are two times more likely to become depressed than males. Dr. Shih is particularly interested in testing models that explain this sex difference in depression. In addition, her research considers the context of people's lives and the roles people play in constructing their own interpersonal environments. Along these lines, Dr. Shih's work has shown that certain characteristics in young adults predict a shaping of their interpersonal world in ways that lead to more stress and distress.

Select Publications:

Shih, J.H. & Eberhart, N.K. (2010). Gender differences in the associations between interpersonal behaviors and stress generation. Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology, 29(3), 245-257.

Shih, J.H., Abela, J.R.Z., & Starrs, C. (2009). Cognitive and interpersonal predictors of stress generation in children of affectively ill parents. Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology, 2, 195-208.

Shih, J.H., & Eberhart, N.K. (2008). Understanding the impact of prior depression on stress generation: Examining the roles of current depressive symptoms and interpersonal behaviors. British Journal of Psychology, 99, 413-426.

Hammen, C.L. & Shih, J.H. (2008). Stress generation and depression. In K.S. Dobson & D.J.A. Dozois (Eds.), Risk Factors in Depression (pp. 409-428). London: Elsevier.

Shih, J.H. (2006) Sex differences in stress generation: An examination of sociotropy/autonomy, stress, and depressive symptoms. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, 32(4), 434-446.

Shih, J.H., Eberhart, N.J., Hammen C. & Brennan, P.A. (2006). Differential Exposure and Reactivity to Interpersonal Stress Predict Sex Differences in Adolescent Depression. Journal of Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology, 35(1), 105-115.

Hammen, C., Shih, J.H., & Brennan, P.A. (2004). Intergenerational transmission of depression: Test of an interpersonal stress model in a community sample. Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, 72(3), 511-522.

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