Elizabeth Jaeger, Ph.D.
(Temple University)

Associate Professor of Psychology

220 Post Hall
Phone: (610) 660-3446


Dr. Jaeger is a developmental psychologist, with both basic and applied research interests. Her basic research examines the origins of individual differences in parent-child attachment relationships and the consequences of these differences for adaptation in adolescence and adulthood. As a Co-Principal Investigator on the NICHD Study of Early Child Care and Youth Development, her research examines the impact of early child care on the mother-child relationship and children's overall development. She is particularly interested in how these processes are affected by ethnicity and culture. Her applied research has evaluated the impact of interventions aimed at increasing the quality of early child care environments.

Most recently, Dr. Jaeger completed the Philadelphia Child Care Quality Study for the Improving School Readiness Project of the United Way of Southeastern PA. The purpose of this project was to describe the level of child care quality experienced by Philadelphia children in a variety of settings, including both center-based and home-based care.

Select Publications:

NICHD Early Child Care Research Network. (2003). Does amount of time spent in child care predict socioemotional adjustment during the transition to kindergarten?. Child Development, 74, 976-1005.

NICHD Early Child Care Research Network. (2004). Are child developmental outcomes related to before-and-after-school care arrangements? Results from the NICHD Study of Early Child Care. Child Development, 75, 28-295.

Johnson, D., Jaeger, E., Randolph, S., Cauce, A. M., Ward, J., & the NICHD Early Child Care Research Network. (2003). Studying the effects of early child care experiences on the development of children of color in the U.S.: Towards a more inclusive research agenda. Child Development, 74, 1227-1244.

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