Patrick Garrigan, Ph.D.
(University of California, Los Angeles)

Associate Professor

224 Post Hall
Phone: (610) 660-1119

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Dr. Garrigan's research combines computational techniques and behavioral data to investigate how perceptual representations are formed from sensory input. He is also interested in how perceptual representations interact with learning processes and how the human visual system adapts to best utilize sensory information in dynamic environments.

Dr. Garrigan grew up just outside of Shamokin, Pennsylvania and attended Southern Columbia High School. In 1999 he received Bachelor's degrees in psychology and physics at the University of Pennsylvania. In 2005 he received a Ph.D. in psychology from UCLA working with Dr. Philip Kellman. Following a postdoctoral fellowship at Penn under the supervision of Dr. Vijay Balasubramanian, Dr. Garrigan joined the SJU psychology department in August, 2007.

Recent Publications:

Garrigan P (2012). The effect of contour closure on shape recognition. Perception, 41(2), 221-235.

Garrigan P, Kellman PJ (2011). The role of constant curvature in 2-D contour shape representations. Perception, 40(11), 1290-1308

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Other Interests:

Collegiate Challenge is a program run by Habitat for Humanity in which groups of students from the same college spend one week at a Habitat for Humanity worksite. Each May, Saint Joseph's University undergraduates volunteer their time at Habitat sites all over the US. Click here to learn more about Collegiate challenge. I travelled with this terrific group of SJU students (below) to Lexington, Kentucky (May, 2012).

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