Department of Psychology

Department Facilities

The Department of Psychology is located on the 2nd and 3rd floors of Post Hall and is home to several technology-equipped classrooms, one computer laboratory, individual faculty research laboratories, and an animal colony.

The combined Psychology-Biology Animal Colony is located in 320 Post Hall. The "state of the art" colony houses approximately 500 animals. The animals are employed in the research projects conducted by faculty and by students taking part in the Physiological and Learning laboratory courses.

Faculty research laboratories are listed below:

Primary Investigator Location
Pediatric Sleep Lab Dr. Mindell PH 132
Child Development Lab Dr. Conry-Murray PH 133
Clinical Psychology Lab Dr. Shih PH 201
Sensation and Perception Lab Dr. Garrigan PH 200
Emotion Lab Dr. Skolnick PH 306/307
Gender and Aging Lab Dr. Murray PH 315
Learning Lab Dr. Anderson PH 300
Behavioral Neuroendocrinology Lab Dr. Becker PH 303
Neuropsychology Lab Dr. Schatz PH 309
Psychoacoustics Lab Dr. Leitner PH 301
Social Psychology Lab Dr. Anastasio PH 304
Social Psychology Lab Dr. Chapman PH 131