Department of Psychology


Participation in a Research Project.

Students may sign-up to participate in a research project during the course of the semester. To sign up for an experiment, log on to the following web address The web site will provide a description of the research project and available dates and times and will allow you to register for experiments on-line. Students are encouraged to sign-up for a time slot that is convenient and does not interfere with their course schedules.

After you have signed up for a study, you will receive an email confirmation from Sona Systems. Print this out so that you have your experiment time, location, and experimenter's name. You should also note your unique CEP ID# generated by Sona Systems. Bring all of this information with you to the study. Doing so safeguards you in the event that the researcher is late or fails to show. In that case, you can bring this information to Post Hall 229 and have Ms. Clare Mcaneny verify that you had showed up for the study. If all the information checks out, you will be compensated 1 CEP for your time.

The various types of research projects available to students might include completion of surveys, participation in computer simulations, participation in cognitively-oriented tasks (e.g., sensory, perceptual, judgment, emotional and motivational, and learning procedures), and participation in group tasks.

Prior to participation, students will be asked to give informed consent to the project. Following participation, students will be debriefed as to the purpose of the research, the contribution they have made, and what the expected results are. When complete, the results will be available to all who are interested.

Students are expected to keep their appointments and to be on time. Scheduled appointments may be canceled on the web site up to 3 hours before the start of the experiment. Instructions for cancelling a scheduled appointment are as follows:

To cancel a scheduled appointment:
  1. Log in at
  2. Click on the My Schedule and Credits link on the main page or from the top toolbar.
  3. You will see listed all the studies you have signed up for, as well as those you have completed. Studies you have signed up for that you are allowed to cancel will have a Cancel button next to them. You must cancel your appointment at least 3 hours before the appointment.
  4. A confirmation page will appear and let you know if canceling this appointment will affect your ability to participate in another study you are signed up for. If this is the case, it is your responsibility to cancel the dependent study as well. The system will warn you, but will not block your cancellation.
  5. Click Yes to cancel your sign-up and the sign-up will be cancelled immediately.
  6. If you cancel the first part of a two-part study, the second part will also be cancelled. If you cancel the second part of a two-part study, the first part will not be cancelled but you will need to ask the researcher to sign you up for the second part again, if you would like to participate in it at a later date.

Note: Any student under 18 years of age cannot participate in a research study. If you are under 18, please wait until after your 18th birthday to participate in research or choose the lecture or article summary option to complete the CEP requirement.