Department of Psychology


Expermenter's Guide To Sona Systems

Step 1: Get an account at Sona Systems and set up your study

  1. Sona Systems is a web-based appointment management system employed by SJU to manage access to the participant pool from the Curricular Enhancement Program (CEP)
  2. If you are interested in accessing the CEP participant pool as an experimenter, email Dr. Shih at to request an experimenter account. Do not try to set up an account at the website. It will give you a student account
    • Email Dr. Shih your full name, SJU email address, and (if you wish) an alternate email address for receiving Sona reminders
  3. You may request this account prior to having IRB approval. You may set up the study in the way formulated by you and your faculty advisor. The study will not be visible to participants until you have received IRB approval to conduct the study. Click here to access the SJU IRB webpage to get started

Step 2: Learn what Sona Systems can do for you

  1. Learn the capabilities of Sona-Systems through this video tutorial
  2. Sona-systems has a complex interface and offers many features. Please use the following guides to help you set up your study properly:
  3. General Information: Sona Systems Manual for Researchers

Step 3: Launching your study

  1. The primary researcher or the person(s) taking responsibility for the project needs to enter all details of project participation (e.g., project description, location, times, dates, any subject qualifications, etc.) at
  2. You need to request study approval by submitting hard copies of the following documents to Dr. Joesphine Shih, the CEP coordinator at Post Hall room 225:
    • Application to Access Participant Pool. Make sure you go through the check sheet on the second page of the form so that your application is complete
    • IRB approval letter. Only projects that have received prior Institutional Review Board approval can be made active and visible to participants
    • If you are conducting your thesis study, you will also need your Signed thesis proposal form in order to demonstrate that both your mentor and second reader have approved your thesis proposal
  3. It may take up to 2 to 3 business days for your study to be processed and approved after you have submitted the hardcopy documents listed. You will receive email notification when Dr. Shih has approved your study
  4. After study approval, you will need to add timeslots to your study. Participants will not be able to see your study until timeslots have been added