The Becker Behavorial Neuroendocrinology Lab

at Saint Joseph's University

In the Becker lab, we examine neural and hormonal mechanisms of social behavior.


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  • Maternal Antidepressant Use on Offspring Social Behavior

    Developmental research across species demonstrates that an offspring’s development into adulthood can be significantly impacted by environmental factors. Research indicates that antidepressant use by mothers during gestation and/or postpartum may impact the development of Autism Spectrum Disorders in their offspring. Through examining the affects of maternal antidepressant use on the development of the oxytocinergic system […]

  • Mothers and Fathers

    Correlational evidence suggests that care provided by mothers and fathers may impact future aggressive behavior in offspring. Further, experimentally increasing paternal care leads to an increase in aggression in male offspring. Here were experimentally manipulate care provided by both mothers and fathers to explore whether there is something unique about father’s care, or whether care […]

  • Daughters and Sons

    The majority of parental care work has focused on mother-daughter and father-son interactions. In this study, we examine whether sons and daughters have similar or distinct physiological responses to paternal care.